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We carry Talley Scope Mounts for the ever popular Anschutz Rifles, Browning A-Bolt, Browning X-Bolt, Browning SA 22, Browning High Wall for both round barrel and octagonal barrel, Browning Low Wall, Browning B78 for both round barrel and octagonal barrel, Borden Accuracy, Cooper Rifles, CZ 550, CZ 557. CZ 542 and others CZ models, Defiance Machine, Fierce, Howa 1500, Kimber 84M, Kimber 89 BGR, Marlin, 98 Mauser, Mossburg, Nesika Bay, Remington 700, Ruger American, Ruger 10/22, Sako 75, Sako 85, Surgeon, Remington 700, Sauer, Savage, Stiller Predator, Stiller Tactical 30/300, TC Encore, Tikka T3, Weatherby Mark V, Weatherby Vanguard, Winchester Model 70, Winchester Model 88, Winchester 1885 High Wall, Winchester 1885 Low Wall, and for many other rifles.

As well we carry Talley Tactical / Picatinny Rings which have a built in recoil lug which prevents the ring from shifting on its picatinny rail due to recoil.  These are available for 1 inch, 30MM, 34MM, 35MM and 36MM rifle scopes and come in both 4 screw and 6 screw versions.  We also have Picatinny Rails made from 7000 series Aluminum Alloy are available in 0 MOA and in tapered versions including 20MOA, 30MOA, 45MOA for many of today's popular rifles.



Browning / Winchester Model 1885 High Wall and Low Wall Steel Base (Works only with Talley Fixed or QD Premium Steel Rings) ... 

ABOUT US:   We sell the complete selection of Talley Products and are also an International Talley Dealer.  Most of our customers are right here in the USA but we have many customers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, UK, France, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina and other over-seas locations as well.  Most orders are shipped within 24 hours from the time your order is received. We have many repeat customers that want only Talley Mounts on their rifles.  Talley scope mounts are all made right here in the USA and are often used by custom gunsmiths.  We pride ourselves on selling only the highest quality items with outstanding customer service and have an extensive knowledge of our products.  We have both the ever popular alloy lightweight one-piece mounts and the steel bases and steel rings. is a division of, LLC


Talley Quick Detachable Rings with Levers... shown above, are available in both chrome-moly steel and stainless steel.   The ring tightens independently to the steel base and independently to the scope.  The QD design is essential when changing scopes needs be fast and simple... When installing first tighten the ring at the bottom and then tighten at the top.  You should see a small gap at the top between the ring halves once things are tighten up.  A very strong design for use when mounting scopes to heavy recoiling rifles. 

RING HEIGHT:   RULE OF THUMB :   Low Rings for scopes with up to a 44mm objective lense if your rifle has a sporter weight barrel.  Medium Rings for scopes with a 50mm objective lense if your rifle has a sporter weight barrel.  High Rings for scopes with a 56mm objective lense if your rifle has a sporter weight barrel.  Consider your rifle's barrel contour - If your scope has a 42mm objective and your rifle has a heavy contoured barrel then you will need to move up to a set of medium rings, etc.  Extra High Rings for scopes with a large objective lense when mounted on rifles with a heavy barrel and some single shot rifles.  Scopes vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer so the above is only a rule of thumb.  We do NOT guarantee that this will work for your rifle and scope combination.  Based on years of experience, the above normally works for slim profiled scopes such as Leupold and Swarovski but most likely will not work for heavier profiled scopes such as BSA and Burris.

How to calculate your ideal scope ring height ... If the rule of thumb is to generalized for you then try the following: 1. Determine the outside diameter of scope's objective lense (measure the greatest diameter of the scope's housing at the objective lense with a micrometer)... 2. From that meaurement then subtract the diameter of the scope tube.  3. Divide that number by two.  That figure will give you the ring height necessary for the scope's objective lense housing to set flush on the tallest part of your rifle's receiver.  4. Subtract the amount of space where the barrel slopes away from the front and tallest portion of the receiver at the location where the objective lense will be positioned above the barrel once mounted.    5. Add space for lense covers.  6. Add space for the scope to have clearance above the barrel.  That figure will give you your ideal ring (eg. combined ring/base) height that you need for that particular rifle/scope combination. That height is measured from the contact point of the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle.

Your ideal ring height as determined above is for the FRONT ring (closest to the muzzle) ... If you are using Talley Steel Rings and Bases then the height of the base has to be combined with the height of the ring.  With the Talley Alloy Mounts the height of the mount is already combined with the base portion of the mount.  Keep your measurements either in inches and decimal parts of an inch or in millimeters.  There are inch to mm AND mm to inch calculators on the internet that are easy to search and find.  Ring heights and base heights as well as alloy mount heights are usually listed either on our on-line shopping cart or on the "2014 List of Talley Products" PDF file found above on this page.  Ring Heights are normally measured from the contact point of the receiver to the bottom of the ring cradle.  Tactical Rings for use with a picatinny base are normally measured from the center of the ring to the contact point of the rail.  Contact us you wish to purchase a scope mount from us and if you need help with selecting your ideal ring height.

The important things to keep in mind:  The scope must not touch the barrel and the bolt handle must clear the scope's eye-piece when the bolt handle is cycled.  When you shoulder your rifle and establish a firm but comfortable cheek weld your eye wants to naturally be looking through the center line of the scope.  The space between the scope and the barrel is irrelevant other than the things mentioned above.

Talley Fixed Steel Rings shown above are available in either chrome-moly or stainless steel, in matte, satin or gloss finish.  The ring tightens in conjunction with the steel base and the scope.  When installing first tighten the rings at the bottom and then snug up the screw at the top.  

Talley Steel Bases  shown above.   To order select the manufacturer of your rifle...

What are EXTENDED MOUNTS AND EXTENDED BASES ?  An extended mount or extended base is normally 1/4 inch longer (double extended is 1/2 inch longer) than the standard version and can be rotated 180 degrees in either direction in order to bring the ring pairs closer together (which is the most common application) or can be oriented to make the ring pairs futher apart.  These are typically used when mounting scopes with shorter tubes on rifles with longer actions.

Compatible with other Manufactures? ... To the best of our knowledge, Talley Fixed and QD Steel Rings are ONLY compatible with Talley Steel Bases and vice versa.  However, Talley Tactical Rings and Talley Picatinny Rails are compatible with those manufactured by other companies. 

Keep in mind that a Weaver style rail is NOT the same as a picatinny rail.  A picatinny rail is also known as MIL-STD-1913 rail,  STANAG 2324 rail, or tactical rail ... We do NOT recommend that you mount a Weaver style ring on a picatinny rail; it may fit but it will be a sloppy fit.. A picatinny ring is too large to fit a Weaver rail

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Talley Peep Sight shown above... mounts on a Talley Steel Rear Base... available on our on-line shopping cart...

Talley Alloy Mounts

Talley One-Piece Lightweight Alloy Mounts shown above.  The base and the lower ring half is all one unit.  These are our most popular mounts, simple, strong, economical and very easy to install.  To order go to and then select the make and model of your rifle.


Talley Alloy Mounts for TC Encore 

 Talley Alloy Lightweight Mounts for Thompson Center Encore shown above ..

Talley Picatinny Rail


Talley Picatinny Rail shown above.. To order go to and then select the make and model of your rifle


Talley Tactical Rings 


Talley Tactical Rings with build in recoil lug shown above, for use on a picatinny rail. 


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